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Monday, August 5, 2013

Good Gravy - Part I

August 6, 2013: Something is seriously wrong with my Blah-ugh! site. I've known for some time the H.S. people were monitoring my phone calls and sending high-frequency tonal messages to my brain, but I didn't think they'd have the audacity to screw up my composition page ... So now I'm attempting to get word out through the HTML (whatever that is) and I feel not unlike a trapped victim of war working with the underground trying desperately to send coded messages out to the free world. The only difference is my messeages are stupid and involve things like bosoms and movies, and not tyranny. That all said, I was taken agog to realize I'd neglected my Blah-ugh! for so long. There have been so many developments -- so many entries I've composed in my head and was too tired and lazy to transcribe, such as one about terns. But my intention is to make it up to your right now by composing -- Yes, get ready for this! -- a complete Four-Part Blah-ugh! ... I know, I know. I've never even considered attempting something like this, let alone attempted it, let alone completed it, but that's all going to change tonight like the history this is. Of course, I don't want you to necessarily thing they're going to be very good, or of any substantial length, but if all goes according to my crazy plan, there will be four new posting on this shithole, I mean on this site before the night is through ... So sit back, tune up your fingers and reading eyeballs, and get ready for the first part to come to a close, because that was it.

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  1. I yearn for this four-part blog as heartily as I yearn for a good colonoscopy. Slip it in and don't be gentle.