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Monday, February 25, 2013

Maxfield Anderson's Field Guide to Vampires

February 26, 2013:  It was quite a miraculous series of coincidences that led me to discover this manuscript. It's written by a lesser-known alternative animal biologist who was associated with Princeton University for a time, but then dashed from its bosom ... and we all know it doesn't get any worse than that ... But fortunately, through my work as a journalist, I was able to assist Maxfield Anderson with the editing and preparation of his manuscript and, fortunately for all interested parties, it's finally been put up for Kindle ... I suggest you read it. It's called Maxfield Anderson's Field Guide to Vampires, Book One -- Vampirus: The Fourth Domain ...

I suspect it will answer many questions you might have about vampires ... but have perhaps been too embarrassed to ask ...

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