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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

On Eyebrows and Butter

February 22, 2011: I awoke this early morn with two ideas competing for my attention (and No, E.J., you weren't one of them ... this time!) -- 1) How the consumption of butter is greatly misunderstood and the population misguided on its value, and 2) How (and why) women mutilate their eyebrows.

I've long wondered why the waxing of eyebrows has been pushed to such a weird extreme. By and large, I think most women are much more attractive with eyebrows, and even large, full ones. Instead, it's become common practice for self-conscious girls to wax the shit out of their lids, and far too often it leaves them looking like swollen boxers who stayed too long in the ring.

I marvel at the waxing shops (or whatever they're called) and all the business they make mutilating in the name of fashion. And I marvel at how so many women (sadly) compete to look like other women who aren't that attractive to begin with, and only end up looking worse in the process.

I think my fascination with America's demented eyebrow treatment began with the mysterious popularity of Pamela Sue Anderson, who I long thought had the most awful eyebrows -- veritable pencil lines -- and who, if you take an objective look, actually bears a remarkably disturbing resemblance to the late female impersonator Divine. The slope has slipped since then. Today's beauty sell is asking too much, in my opinion. I want you girls to stop this immediately. I like my chicks to have eyebrows, and not look like Jake LaMotta.

Now, on the issue of butter, like you -- like the league of ladies that's been fooled into believing they need to butcher their eyebrows -- I've habitually taken for granted all the propaganda about clogged arteries and heart stoppage and such. But I'm here to say now -- right here! ... No, over here! ... That it's all lies (at least for me, and I'm no different than you, except my eyebrows may be thicker).

For starters, I've long been a proponent of -- (or is it correct to say "I've long proponentized"?) -- consuming foods according to your cravings (assuming you're eating more than just creampuffs and coffee). I think another great misconception we as a society suffer under (and believe me, when I see some of that awful eyebrow architecture, I do suffer) is a forced belief that some stringent common diet should be adhered to by everyone. Instead, diet should be as individual as our spiritual beliefs, and many of the most notorious food substances need not be shunned like women with bushy eyebrows.

Case in point, I've upped my butter consumption considerably over the past six months and I've never felt better. Ironically, my weight has stablized at a nice number and, even though I had some weird chest pains yesterday when I went walking in the snow, overall I feel terrific.

More importantly, food tastes light years better when substantial amounts of butter are added. My potatoes, pancakes, and cinnamon toast, for instance, all bring me much greater joy when drenched in beautiful butter, as do my eggs, grilled cheese sandwiches, and even my bacon.

In closing, I would like to say that the opinions expressed here were strictly those of the person who gave them. If you found any of this even remotely funny, please contact your local newspaper immediately and insist that they offer me a column, or at least a job in delivery. Otherwise, I hope you learned something of value, namely that every moment you waste reading this stupid Blah-ugh! is time that could be better spent rubbing butter on your eyebrows ... E.J.!


  1. i have my father's eyebrows . . . they are Hemingway eyebrows and i only do one thing to them -- smear them with butter on date night.

  2. I laughed at this one! I wonder what you think of my eyebrows these days. They're sort of in between thin and thick.