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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Today's My Birthday

September 3, 2009: Yes, today is my birthday, and I'm angry with all of you who've forgotten. At the same time, I want nothing more than to be left alone, so it's just as well you didn't try to contact me. The people I really appreciate are those who are sitting home thinking nonstop about me, but are too scared to intrude.

While I intend to refrain from the self-indulgence common to most "blogs" as I move forward, I thought it appropriate to allow myself one entry as a throwaway gift -- an opportunity to share on some of the things I love and hate about life, humanity and this fetid world around us.

There are so many things I hate, though, I'm not sure where to begin. Men who wear loafers without socks always seems to top the list, as do people who don't signal when driving. Bleu cheese is another thing I can't abide, along with little dogs, advertising and marketing, waking up early, small talk, and obnoxious children.

Meanwhile, there are many things I adore, beginning with Halloween, eggplant parmigian, autumn, massages, roulette, Steven Spielberg, pumpkin patches, pumpkin pie, writing, coyotes and wolves, playing softball/baseball, reading, the moon, drawing, playing music, clouds, rain and snow, taking walks, and of course anything to do with my kids.

I also like Christmas music, stargazing, hamburgers, playing hide-and-seek, incense, anything made before 1975, intimate discussions, trains, egg creams, James Bond, and jigsaw puzzles.

I could go on, but I'll spare you until next year. For now, give yourself a great day and I'll try to do the same!


  1. you should know that i make probably the best eggplant parm in the world...

  2. Your birthday is one which i celebrate with a peculiar reverence. I take the day off of work and burn incense. I wear clean underwear.