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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rant of the (Former) Education Consumer (Part I)

September 17, 2009: Astounded by the ongoing stupidity of the education system in America -- mountains of fatuous fallacies moronically held in place as gospel, and perpetuated through a bureaucratic business-minded approach to teaching that's blindly supported by a moronic public bred fat and stupid on sound-bite thinking -- I thought I might take a turn at spewing some of my more vibrant insights into pedagogical practice and the like.

But then I thought, Why bother?! No one cares. I wrote an excellent syndicated column -- "The Education Consumer" -- for two years, and all that came of it in the end were some pleasant emails from a few impotent fans, and some bitter raised eyebrows from a few disgruntled education hacks hiding behind their administrative masks.

Also, I feel my Blah-ugh! is about making you laugh, or at least smile, so why tire your mind with all that's wrong here in the 3rd Dimension. It's not as much fun, anyway.

So screw the education system and its ongoing insanity. If enough parents feel good about turning their kids into parodies from a Pink Floyd song, that's their business. I'll keep my focus on The Brady Bunch, rodent mating habits, and this new (old) great picture of me I just added ...

Next time (or perhaps not): Why homework, content focus, standardized testing, and superintendents are all stupid wastes of time.


  1. i think its cheating to use an old photo...but then i realize as i am saying that my photo is 42 years old and you can only see my arm...

  2. And my photo is two hundred and twenty years old, and is neither me nor a photo. What is the internet for, if not deception?

  3. Oh, but back to the actual content of what you are saying, Monsieur Liotta: I am completely with you. Don't get me started on early years teaching in this country over here (Blighty). So out of kilter with young children's development you may as well expect a barrel of puppies to conjugate irregular verbs. Or goldfish to type

  4. Thank you, Ms. Glee. I wish other readers could be more focused on the content of the postings -- which I merely write for their own good -- and stop criticizing my appearance, past and present.

  5. I'm sure it's because we are bowled over by your appearance. And quail in the shadow of such magnificence. (And I only just realised that due to some technical issues beyond my truncated capabilities, my picture is not even 220 years old, wearing a jaunty hat, but is a generic 'e'. If I am a generic anything I think it unlikely to be an 'e'. A Q, perhaps. Or the number 4, but only in roman numerals)
    Now excuse me, I have a garden full of squirrels awaiting their French class