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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Movies and More from Me -- Good Old Me

June 30, 2012:  I've never been one to give my Blah-ugh! readers a shoddy product, but this may be just that. You see, I'm pressed for emotional time and I want to get back to watching "Death Sentence," which is extraordinarily disturbing and yet engaging (and quite like "Death Wish 2," I suspect, even though I'm only 15 minutes into it).

I'm also pressing to make the end-of-June deadline with filing this -- I don't know why -- but really it's all about giving you something to remember me by and to keep encouraging your transparent support of SPACE CASE and that stupid Youtube video I keep linking. (Well, you'll be happy to see I'm too lazy to link it THIS time, so you finally have an excuse!)

First off, I watched "Death Wish 2" last night -- finally -- and boy, let me tell you, it did NOT disappoint! My god, it was better than the original! And imagine my dumbfounded surprise to see in the opening credits that Jimmy Page himself wrote and performed the music. Yes, and that was only part of what made this disturbing piece of cinematic refried beans all that it was.

To be honest, I spent a lot of the viewing time wondering if Charles Bronson is (or was) an Indian, meaning of the Native American variety. He certainly has that dour stone-faced quality, like the ones you see in cigar stores (or used to ... or so they tell me). Further, it may have been the color of my set, but he seemed strikingly red -- his bubbling chiseled marauder's face a strange constrast to the odd unsteady beauty of Jill Ireland. (And weren't they married or something? What a weird couple. God, I'll believe anything goes, at this point!)

Anyway, I highly recommend it, although it's a little disturbing. I certainly don't recommend it for kids ... or women ... really I'd say that people like me are probably the best audience -- muddle-minded, semi-disturbed disgruntles who are living alone for a weekend and have had too much caffeine.

It's a poor segue -- in fact, I have no segue of which to speak -- but I wanted to also mention ... Actually, you know what? I'm not even going to get into that. It's just too weird and strange and somewhat stupid, which means it would certainly rate its own Blah-ugh! entry ... Remind me, if you will. It involves the ridiculousness of a child getting diagnosed with EDD -- actually the ridiculousness of there even being a disorder such as EDD. (As my friend Glee would say, "EDD indeed!")

I guess I'll wrap up by saying I also watched that Martin Scorcese-directed quasi-animated fluff thing "Hugo." Bleah! Don't tell me you liked it, because then I'll lose even MORE respect for you, and I'm really feeling awfully judgmental about you anyway. I found that stupid movie predictably transparent. But see, it's not supposed to be, like "Death Wish 2," which basically sets out to be transparently predictable and soundly delivers. This "Hugo" thing thinks it's all shades of wonderful, with its billion-dollar production values and bilious Americanized French fantasy features. And was Scorcese so unable to find a competent young actress to play the girl -- one who didn't have to grin incessantly and crinkle her eyes, like she was coached to death to do by her probably equally annoying acting coach?! And could that boy have been any creepier and unlikeable?! No, I agree. He couldn't have been. What a shame that Scorcese, who demonstrated such grand ability working with a young Jody Foster in the very brillliant "Taxi Driver" now has to pass a movie like this out of his colon. That's what comes of being a 75-year-old father of an elementary-age kid ...

Anyway, no one cares what I think, especially Jill Ireland. The important thing is that I made the deadline and satisfied those hard-to-satisfy Blah-ugh! readers, who may perhaps give me another couple of days now before storming the bloody Bastille! (Bloody bastards!)

And ..., BTW, it turned out the file was already open, so .... Goodnight! Buy "Space Case," or at least talk about it to your bowling buddies ...

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