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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

More Answers Than Questions

February 1, 2012: It's a week later, and I'm still coughing like a smoker. People say that at this point I should get some antibiotics, but I'm not going to let their negative vibrations influence the coalescence of my mind-body healing process, no matter how much it pains them. (Frankly, I'll hack myself dead before I kowtow to the insanity of their short-sighted aleopathic healing, especially without insurance!)

Still, as you can plainly see, I carry on -- through thick and thin, through hack and tickle, through green phlegm and yellow ...

This episode -- perhaps in celebration of Groundhog's Day, and perhaps not -- I thought you might enjoy hearing the abbreviated responses to some of the more pressing questions being importunately posed by you -- the loyal Blah-ugh! reader and often inebriated fan. Writing the Blah-ugh! has given me something akin to celebrity status -- (of course, authoring that dynamic new humorous e-novel SPACE CASE, which is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, has also helped spread my juices, especially in the Bible Belt). People are constantly asking me questions -- some related to past Blah-ugh! entries, some related to my beliefs and dislikes, still others referencing the size and description of my genitalia in relation to my first name, (which as you all know from a previous Blah-ugh! entry ( translates to mean "Ye who wields an enormous spear of justice").

I thought I'd address a few, contingent on my precarious ability to keep sitting upright in my chair. For starters, someone asked why, in my recent list of my Top 40 Favorite Songs (, the Rolling Stones weren't represented. This was largely because of all the crap they've recorded, but also because I tend to grow tired of even their many great hits. Of course, I do adore many of them very much, including "Emotional Rescue" and "Under My Thumb." Asked to name a favorite, it would probably be "Ruby Tuesday," but "Paint It Black" is close behind.

Another question I've been asked is why I don't write/print some of my poetry in my Blah-ugh! As many of you know, I'm first and foremost a Poet -- even before I was cutting lawns and handing out sale flyers, I was capturing the colorful rhythms of this good earth with my textural, tantalizing quatrains. My verse is not only exquisitely whittled, stark and potent, in many cases it also rhymes. And yes, the day will soon come when I post some of my better, more enduring works -- particularly those I couldn't publish anywhere else. For now, I can only share with you a teaser to tempt your temporal lobe -- it's called ...

"Poem 69"

Smell the flower
Sweet and sour

Another question that keeps coming up involves why I eat such large meals right before I go to bed, especially when I'm sick. I really don't have an answer for this, except to acknowledge my primal gluttony. Part of my sick healing, however, involves not antibiotics, but the conscious satisfaction of obscure food cravings, which I feel expedite the healing process. Tonight, I was absolutely sure I needed an eggplant parmegian sandwich, and while there remains a good chance I'll vomit it up all over my pillow tonight during what has become a regular 3 a.m. coughing fit, I don't regret a thing.

But I have to go now and try to make myself throw up properly, before bed. Goodnight, my Darlings! I'll be thinking of you ...


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  2. i'm sick too you know? and you haven't sent me flowers or even lozenges. This happens every year and as i am a lung case, it will last well into the spring, but i got my z-pack and i'm relishing in the sweet peaceful feeling of low fever right now and what we really want to know is why you don't get the flu shot? i know why i don't partake in vaccines, but why don't you? Perhaps it has something to do with Keith Richards . . .